Niska is a small, remote town with no strong ties to any greater legal authority. As such, the town is ripe for certain individuals to lend a guiding hand. Any other community would bristle at outsiders rolling in and making changes, but the promise of gold and the sight of heavily armed adventurers is, not surprisingly, more than enough for most people to look the other way. Niska citizens may not look kindly on you, but it has become apparent, to both them and you, that they cannot stop you, even if they were willing to try.

Adventurers may spend gold and astral shards purchasing and upgrading various improvements around the town. Some improvements are not immediately accessible and will require players to either reach a higher level or complete quests and discover things in the world first.

Town Improvements Edit

Current Improvement Info Next Upgrade Info
Alchemist III Uncommon Potions Alchemist IV - 5,000gp Rare Potions

Potion Mixing

Bank III Expanded Capacity Increased XP Gain Bank IV - 2,500gp Voluminous Capacity Greater XP Gain
Barracks I d4 STR & CON Aid Barracks II - 150gp Better d4 STR & CON Aid
Blacksmith II Basic Services

(Common, Uncommon)

Blacksmith III (Level 8) -

7,500gp; 10 Astral Shards

Specialized Services (Rare)
Cemetery II Temporary Class Powers Cemetery III -

3 Astral Shards

Better Class Powers
Class Trainers XP Boost Special XP Boost
Criminal Underworld III d6 DEX & CHA Aid

Tier 1 Rogue Hirelings

Criminal Underworld IV - 2,500gp d8 DEX & CHA Aid

Tier 2 Rogue Hirelings

Stables III Stallions; War Horses Stables IV - ??? TBD
Library III d6 INT & WIS Aid

Tier 1 Wizard Hirelings

Library IV - 2,500gp d8 INT & WIS Aid

Tier 2 Wizard Hirelings

Monument of Heroes IV Auto-Level to Level 4 Monument of Heroes V - 6,500gp & 4 Astral Shards Auto-Level to Level 5
Player Housing More Downtime Actions Special More Downtime Actions

Buying Town Upgrades Becomes a Free Action

Sybel's Tavern III Carousing Table 1-64 Sybel's Tavern IV -

50 Carousing Dice

Bard Hirelings

Full Carousing Table Unlocks Veterans' Club

1 Free Carousing Die

Trading Post III Superb Deals

Player Auction House

Trading Post IV - 2,500gp Phenomenal Deals

Free Adventuring Gear

Terrain Improvements Edit

Improvement Cost Info
Road 500gp per Hex (Emond Plain) Allows fast travel to any point found on or directly beside a road.
Farm Unlock Bank IV Unlock Bank IV
Mine Unlock Bank IV Unlock Bank IV
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